Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) has embarked on a project to ensure accessibility and accountability to agricultural resources allocated to Ntchisi District Council.

Speaking during a pre-testing of a training manual for political party forums and women action groups at Mponela in Dowa, CMD programme officer Boniface Chibwana said they engaged politicians to monitor agricultural initiatives in Ntchisi together with women as a way of strengthening the tracking progress.

According to Chibwana, the delegates presented issues on land, food, farm inputs that hamper equitable access to agricultural resources among the communities.

“It is encouraging to note that women are taking a role in this process. They are involved in the monitoring process, hence breaking gender barriers,” he said. 

Rosemary Chitete, a participant from Kavulala Village Development Committee in Malomo, Ntchisi, said there is mindset  change in the way communities are executing development projects in the area.

She observed that gender is taken into consideration in the design and execution of projects.

“We are also ensuring equitable access to land, especially among widows. We are also fighting for their rights to own land, so that they can support their families,” said Chitete.

Ntchisi District Council assistant district registrar Jemitala Mwale called for more awareness and separation of powers at council level.

“I wish we had parliamentarians in attendance. We need a lot of sensitisation to matters related to governance at council level,” he said.

The Nation, 20th October, 2017