“A lot of women are quite hesitant to join politics because of all the names people associate with women politicians. You have to be headstrong and persistent as a woman if you want to make it in politics in this country”

These sentiments were shared by Agness Nkusa-Nkhoma, of People’s Party during the orientation of mentors training that took place at Bridge Hotel in Lilongwe.

The trainings, which were conducted in the 4 regional cells was part of the of the DIPD women in Politics Project was part of the activities aimed at increasing the participation of Women in political party leadership structures and decision making processes.

The mentoring module used in the trainings were developed by  CMD- Malawi and was aimed at promoting and strengthening politics of inclusivity starting at political party level to ensure the consolidation of democracy within political parties and the nation at large.

It also places emphasis on mentoring as a key strategy of promoting the recruitment of women and strengthening their participation in political parties.

Speaking during the orientation of the training in the Southern Region, Rita Namba of UDF stressed on the importance of the project and the skills gained in motivating women to join politics.

“We need such kind of activities so that those inspiring to join politics will learn a thing or two on how to be a strong politician”

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