board indiction mangochi 2

 With funding from the Netherlands Institute of Democracy (NIMD), CMD held a board induction on interparty dialogue and its role in a multiparty democracy at Sun and Sand Hotel, 8th December 2014.

The event drew the participation of Political Parties namely DPP, PP, PPM, MCP, AFORD, UDF and NASAF. Attending the event, were also two delegates from Ghana, Ahmed Ramadhan the National Chairperson for Peoples National Convection and Peter Mac Manu, former chair for New Patriotic Party invited to share their experiences to the participants.

In his opening remarks the Chairperson for CMD Board, Christopher Richi expressed his gratitude to CMD and NIIMD for organising the event and urged participants and organisers to ensure that  interparty dialogue remains a process until results are achieved and not a mere event.

In the second session of the day, the two delegates from Ghana shared their experiences on the role of interparty dialogue in Ghana.

In his presentation, Hon. Ahmed Ramadhan, The National Chairperson for Peoples National Convection took the group through the background and emergence of multiparty in Ghana, the challenges faced and how the interparty dialogue has been strengthened in the country. He stressed on the importance of going beyond individual political parties’ needs and focusing on what is important for the nation. In his concluding remarks, Hon Ramadhan imparted words of wisdom to the political parties that were present that “someone who is in power today, may not be in power tomorrow”