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Latest News

As part of discharging its mandate, CMD has from the past three years facilitated a dialogue on the review of the current Political Parties Act. In this process, CMD has engaged with different players in the political realm including the district, regional and national party officers, Ministry of Justice, Law commission, Office of Attorney General and the former legal affairs committee amongst others.

As part of the continual process of engaging relevant stakeholders on the drafted Political Parties Act, on the 30th September 2014, CMD convened a meeting with the newly selected Legal Affairs Committee to introduce the draft and seek their input and support before introducing the it in Parliament. It was from this that the delegates agreed on a fully-fledged meeting to fully scrutinise the proposed Act, together the technical working group who drafted the bill.

On the 24th January, 2015, CMD organised a one and a half day working meeting at Chikho Hotel in Kasungu where the Committee was able to scrutinise the draft bill and make their additions and seeking clarification.

Speaking to the delegation, the Chairperson of the Committee, Peter Chakwantha acknowledged the importance of the initiative which he said will bring sanity to the political environment of the country.

“We have had incidents of people manipulating systems to enrich themselves and we therefore commend this initiative. As a committee, we are not here to attack but to help you, although every changes comes with challenges. As long as you continue engaging us, we will help to be the agents of change to lobby for those who do not have the privilege to do so", he said.

In his remarks, The Executive Director of CMD, Kizito Tenthani expressed his confidence and optimism in ensuring that the draft act gets introduced in parliament.


“We as CMD are simply championing this process therefore this support shown gives us hope that we will work together to ensure that we contribute to something significant to the democracy of the country” Said Tenthani.



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