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Meet the Secretariat

Kizito-TenthaniExecutive Director – Kizito Tenthani 
Working for the CMD which is a dialogue platform for political parties provides a unique opportunity to interact with politicians at a very senior level.
I find it exciting to work with politicians from both ruling and opposition parties.  Holding the platform together and facilitating dialogue among these politicians is an exciting challenge.
What I also find most satisfying about  my work is when you see political parties reaching a consensus on a course of action because that proves that political parties have the potential of working together for the good of the country.

Program Assistant - Chikondi Chisenga

Office Assistant - Nkoche Zeze

Finance and Adminstration Manager – Emmanuel Chikwiri
I particularly love the size of our Organisation. I work with a small group of people but they are all dedicated and professional which makes my work as Finance Manager easy and interesting.

CydricProgram Officer – Cydric Damala
I enjoy working with polical parties because politics drive the world. We cannot do without it and it makes me proud to be associated with the politicians and policy makers that we work with. I also love the flexibility of my work.


DeborahProgram Officer – Deborah Mitawa Mandota

I enjoy working for CMD because I have the passion of working with political parties as a way of contributing to the promotion of a well functioning multiparty political system. I cherish the core values of CMD such as inclusivity, gender and social equality, consensus building, impartiality and accountability which guide the conduct and the operations of my work.

Program Officer – Ruth Mthekana
Working with political parties through CMD has exposed me in my career. Though challenging, it is also very exciting. I am always inspired by the team spirit and support i get from colleagues at CMD.

Chikondi-ChibweyaAdminstrative Assistant – Chikondi Chibweya
CMD is an amazing place to work in. I have learnt so much and continue to gain the knowledge I need in my work. What CMD Secretariat stands for is what keeps me motivated everyday.

Jack-NgocheraOffice Assistant – Jack Ngochera
I love working for CMD because we work as one big family. I also meet a lot of interesting people

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